Federal Road Safety Crop - Drivers License (FRSC-DL), NIGERIA

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Federal Road Safety Crop - Drivers License (FRSC-DL), NIGERIA
Website: www.swglobal.com
Amaka Anyanwu
Manager Corp. Affairs
SW Global SW Global Limited
14 Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama
Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: 002337036 224075
Email: aanyanwu@swglobal.com

The project is a sophisticated records processing and workflow management application suite that establishes a robust and efficient maintenance and support regime which will systematically address user and system exceptions and seeks to continuously improve operational efficiencies. The purpose of this project is to design, develop and deliver an Identity Management and Card Production System,and also an integrated solution composed of hardware, software and operational components to help the FRSC meet its strategic, tactical and operational objectives.

Comments from the Judges:
“Road kills in Africa and anything that can be done to help prevent and eradicate corruption in the sector to help improve safety and security as our towns and infrastructure are growing is welcome… should be replicated.”

“Projet innovateur e- business. PPP. Amélioration d’efficacité et de services aux utilisateurs. Haute sécurité.”