eLimika e-learning programme, KENYA

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eLimika e-learning programme, KENYA
Website: http://www.elimika.ac.ke, www.kie.ac.ke
Esther Gacicio
Assistant Director e-Learning
Kenya Institute of Education
P.O BOX 30231-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 722 708490
Fax: +254-020-3745558
Email: info@kie.ac.ke, egacicio@gmail.com

The programme is the vehicle through which Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) delivers its courses. The name eLimika is a Kiswahili word meaning “get educated” which was coined to capture the idea behind online training and also give it a Kenyan identity. The LCMS is supported by a community of experts and is always under review to be in tandem with the ever changing technology. This aspect makes it an appropriate means to deliver e-learning because it will always be up to date. The platform allows development of content within it and also allows importation of content authored in other softwares. The system is a Web 2.0 enabled rapid application development framework for creating web applications that are platform and browser independent. It also accommodates the use of multimedia and enhances interactivity. The participants take one module exam online, marked and graded by the system, and another offline which requires them to research on a particular topic in the respective modules, then upload for marking by the online tutors. The developed content is also packaged into CD-ROMs for access to those with no or are challenged as regards connectivity. Currently the major course being offered through this LCMS is an eight module Primary teacher orientation course targeting all primary school teachers coming to a total of about 250,000 on the interpretation of the curriculum.

Comments from the Judges:
“This platform provides a learning management system for education that is easy to use. The website is well structured. »

«Offre de services en ligne pour le personnel des télécentres. Catégorie privé. Accès gratuity. »