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dc.description.abstractThe sub regional coordination mechanism (RCM-Africa) was established and structured into nine thematic clusters that are aligned with the development priorities of African States as indicated in the NEPAD program. The goal of the sub regional coordination mechanism for West Africa is to promote coordination and collaboration among the entities of the United Nations system and the partner organizations that support the economic community of West African states (ECOWAS) and its member states. In 2017, a meeting of focal points was held in the context of the gradual abandonment of thematic clusters as an organizing principle, given that they had produced mixed results. In addition, the sub regional coordination mechanism for West Africa has faced a lack of understanding of its role, giving rise to the perception of it being in competition with the United Nations development group. That issue, seen across the continent, prompted the heads of United Nations agencies to hold the eighteenth meeting of RCM-Africa as a joint meeting with the United Nations development group. The main objective of the 2017 meeting of the sub regional coordination mechanism for West Africa was to promote greater synergy among and effectiveness of activities, through the implementation of joint programs and projects in support of existing intergovernmental organizations in West Africa.en
dc.titleReport of the meeting of the Subregional Coordination Mechanism for West Africaen
ags.creatorCorporateUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Africa. Sub regional office for West Africaen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC COOPERATIONen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC INTEGRATIONen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC UNIONSen
ags.subjectThesaurusINTRAREGIONAL TRADEen
ags.subjectThesaurusWEST AFRICAen
ags.subjectClassification02.04.00 DEVELOPMENTen
ags.descriptionNotesIncludes annexes.en
ags.publisherPlaceAddis Ababaen
ags.publisherNameUN. ECAen
ags.creatorConferenceCategoryOther Conferencesen
dc.format.extent7 p.
dc.typeConference document
ags.creatorConferenceUN. ECA Subregional Coordination Mechanism for West Africa Meeting(2017, Sep. 27: Dakar, Senegal)

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