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dc.description.abstractThe work of RCM-Africa is organized around the eight new clusters as adopted at its seventeenth session, in 2016. Issues of peace and security, governance and human rights will be reviewed in the context of the United Nations Office to the African Union, as agreed by the RCM-Africa stakeholders. The present report captures the major activities and achievements in the thematic cluster areas. Recommendations emerging from the report may be found in section of the report on coordinated United Nations support at the subregional level , together with recommendations from other related reports.en
dc.titleCoordinated United Nations support for the thematic programmes of the African Unionen
ags.creatorCorporateUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Africaen
ags.creatorCorporateAfrican Union Commissionen
ags.creatorCorporateUnited Nations. Economic and Social Councilen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC COOPERATIONen
ags.subjectThesaurusREGIONAL COOPERATIONen
ags.subjectThesaurusPROGRAMME PLANNINGen
ags.subjectThesaurusWORK PROGRAMMEen
ags.subjectClassification02.01.00 ECONOMIC THEORYen
ags.subjectClassification18.05.00 PROGRAMME PLANNINGen
ags.descriptionNotesUnited Nations Development Group.en
ags.descriptionNotesLibrary also has edition in French under the title:"Appui coordonné des Nations Unies aux programmes thématiques de l’Union Africaine".en
ags.publisherPlaceAddis Ababa:en
ags.publisherNameUN. ECA,en
ags.creatorConferenceCategoryConferences on Trade, Regional Cooperation and Integrationen
dc.format.extent17 p.
dc.typeConference document
ags.creatorConferenceUN. ECA Regional Coordination Mechanism for Africa (18th session: 2017, Mar. 25-26: Dakar, Senegal)
ags.creatorConferenceUN. ECA Joint Meeting of the Regional Coordination Mechanism for Africa and the United Nations Development Group (1st: 2017, Mar. 25-26: Dakar, Senegal)

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