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dc.description.abstractThe fifth session of the Statistical Commission for Africa was held in conjunction with the tenth meeting of the African Union Committee of Directors General of National Statistics Offices. The theme of the meeting was “Strengthening economic statistics to support Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, chosen to highlight the role of economic statistics in the work to develop a framework for the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals and to meet the targets of Agenda 2063. The meeting also reviewed the status of implementation of the various specialized working groups under the Strategy for Harmonization of Statistics in Africa.en
dc.titleReports on the fifth session of the statistical commission for Africaen
ags.creatorCorporateUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Africaen
ags.creatorCorporateAfrican Union Commissionen
ags.creatorCorporateUnited Nations. Economic and Social Councilen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC CONDITIONSen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC INDICATORSen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC STATISTICSen
ags.subjectThesaurusECONOMIC TRENDSen
ags.subjectThesaurusSTATISTICAL SERVICESen
ags.subjectClassification02.02.00 ECONOMIC CONDITIONSen
ags.subjectClassification02.07.00 STATISTICSen
ags.publisherPlaceAddis Ababa:en
ags.publisherNameUN. ECA,en
ags.creatorConferenceCategoryConferences of African Ministersen
ags.creatorConferenceCategoryConferences on Statistical Developmenten
dc.format.extent14 p.
dc.typeConference document
ags.creatorConferenceUN. ECA Committee of Experts (36th:2017, Mar. 23 - 25:Dakar, Senegal)
ags.creatorConferenceUN. ECA Joint Annual Meetings of the African Union Specialized Technical Committee on Finance, Monetary Affairs, Economic Planning and Integration and the Economic Commission for Africa Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development(10th:2017, Mar.23 - 25:Dakar, Senegal)
ags.creatorConferenceAU Committee of Experts Meeting(3rd :2017, Mar. 23 - 25 :Dakar, Senegal)

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